AMSTERDAM HALLOWEEN 2023 – Super Villains

Saturday October 28, 2023 | WesterUnie Amsterdam

Opening hours: 22:00 – 05:00

Everyone believes that the Super Villains were banished from our world, disappearing into the annals of comic book lore, lost to time. However, the reality is chillingly different – they’ve been hidden away in the depths of shadowy parallel universes, imprisoned for a lifetime. Immersed in pitch-black darkness, they’ve been plotting their grand re-entry. Halloween will be the stage for their ominous breakout – the onslaught of the Super Villains.

The hour has come for these malevolent beings to unleash their sinister powers and evil machinations. October 28th, 2023, marks the 14th edition of Amsterdam Halloween, and this year, it will not be ghosts or ghouls that haunt the city, but the Super Villains. They are ready to seize control of our world once more. Brace yourselves as the legends of old return, fueled by vengeance and malice! Beware the re-emergence of the Super Villains!